Monday, May 30, 2011

365 Movies Day #62 "The Horde"

I love zombie movies. I don't think there can be too many of them. In fact, I'm incredibly excited about the zombie flick I starred in awhile back and which should be available to view this summer called "HUMANS VS ZOMBIES". I've been a fan of the genre since my buddy Dan Johnston and I used to stay up late at night when we were 12 and talk about what we'd do when the hordes came. So, trust me when I say that this is one of the most badass zombie films I have ever seen.

When you here the words "French film" some may assume a stuffy, boring, heady flick that would sooner put you to sleep than rock your senses. You aren't watching the same French flicks I am. Already on the list so far are "CHRYSALIS" and "BANLIEU 13". "The Horde" is another wonderful flick that proves France is more badass than you think.

The premise of the film is simple and brilliant. Several cops go to the dark side to storm a rundown hideout of a group of drugged up thugs who killed their partner. At the same time, the zompocalypse breaks out and everyone is screwed. Featuring the most badass zombie killing death scene in movie history and several amazing survivor/zombie fist-to-cuff sequences and a crazy old guy with a machine gun, it's guaranteed to knock the socks off of any zombiephiles out there...if you can tolerate subtitles. And hey, you look classy because you're into foreign film.


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