Saturday, May 28, 2011

365 Movies Day #60 "Netherbeast Incorporated"

I have kids. After watching Blues Clues repeatedly through two little girls, I have to say that I got curious as to what happened to Steve. Not that I don't like Joe. He's good and neither of my daughters seems to mind. However, I was curious. So, I started to do some research. It seems Steve left Blues Clues to work more on his music (caught him on Nick Jr. the other day doing a rock song about groundhogs). It also looks like Steve left to do a few films.

In comes "Netherbeast Incorporated". When you read Steve Burns and vampires in the same sentence...well, you can't help but watch. Add in Dave Foley (who I had the pleasure of working with on "In Plain Sight") of Kids in the Hall and News Radio fame and Judd Nelson and it's a must see.

Netherbeast basically tells the story of a corporation run by vampires. When the boss gets a nasty case of amnesia and fellow vamp employees start turning up dead and a few mundanes get thrown into the mix, things get interesting. I have to admit, the film isn't perfect, but it's entertaining and it's Steve!!! If you have kids, you have to watch this. Though, they may not be the same if you allow them to watch.

Oh, and Steve plays basketball with Jay (Jason Mewes) from Kevin Smith flicks. I mean that's worth seeing the movie for right there! Oh, and SNL's Darrell Hammond.


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  1. WoW! OK thanks for the review otherwise I had never even heard of this flick. Now I just gotta see it.
    oh and btw Joe just doesnt have the same mojo as Steve did. My kids grew up on Steve and when they switched out they just lost all interest in Blue.