Sunday, May 15, 2011

365 Movies Day #47 "The Hit List"

I started off this list with a film, "The Prodigy", by Texas director Will Kaufman. This is his second feature that you can get a hold of. This time, Will was hired to direct a film written by the talented Chad Law. Together they succeeded in making a pretty cool flick and making Cuba Gooding Jr. look like a badass.

The film follows the worst day in the life of corporate drone Allan (Cole Hauser). His whole world falling apart, he heads to the local bar to drown his sorrows. There he meets Jonas (Cuba) and the two reluctantly strike up a conversation becoming fast friends. Then Jonas breaks the news to Allan that he kills people for a living. Allan, thinking it's a joke or psyche exercise even writes down the names of five people he would like dead when asked to do so by his new hitman pal. That act sets into motion a chain of events that almost undoes him.

This is a cool flick with some great moments. If you like "The Hit List" and you dug "The Prodigy" then let me assure you that "Sinners and Saints" will blow your mind. For now, check out Cuba tearing it up at your local retailer or Redbox!


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