Wednesday, May 25, 2011

365 Movies Day #57 "Der Ostwind"

Der Ostwind from Kohl Glass on Vimeo.

BYU is turning out some very talented filmmakers. I've already featured Ryan Little's film "Saints and Soldiers" and now I'd like to introduce you to the talented Kohl Glass.

This 8 minute short, "Der Ostwind" is visually stunning with a steam punk feel. It depicts a German ace pilot during WWI, who finally meets his match in the form of his American equal. In this brief short film, Kohl leaves me more entertained than most features. He's currently working on bring a project called "Red Coat" to life. Set in a Martian landscape as a group of marines try to quell a dangerous rebellion, it's sure to be an epic film. You can support "Red Coat" on facebook HERE.


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