Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Movies Day #44 "Catfish"

Apparently, Blogger went down yesterday and lost my Day #44 post so here it is again. Reading further, may spoil some of the elements of the film for you so read at your own risk...or watch the film and then come back. While the trailer makes it feel like a horror film, "Catfish" is a documentary that feels like a narrative, so much so that it's authenticity has been hotly debated, though the filmmakers swear it is true. It's a movie about facebook...about desperation, loneliness and a longing to be something more.

I've met a lot of people on facebook who have claimed to be more than they are and I have never understood what drives people to that. This film helps. All said and done, I have done some exciting stuff, for real. No need to embellish and fabricate. That and I have a wonderful family and other than wanting more film roles and enough money to pay the bills, I'm a pretty happy guy (just greedy). I think the lies come from an intense dissatisfaction, a need for something more and no clue on how to change it.


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