Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Movies Day #45 "Saints and Soldiers"

An excellent WWII drama done right on a budget. The cast is great, yet relatively unknown, which is probably the only reason this film isn’t huge. Lacking the spectacle of “Saving Private Ryan”, but matching it’s story (exceeding it in my eyes), it deserves much more attention.

Basically, 4 US servicemen, after surviving a mass murder of captured GIs, run into a British pilot while evading the Nazis. In his possession is information vital to the allied troops. The film is an amalgamation of true stories collected by the "Saints at War" archives detailing with stories passed on from Mormon’s in wartime. While the film deals with faith to an extent, it is dealt with in a religion neutral way to appeal to a wider audience. It’s not preachy, but does appeal to a higher authority.


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