Sunday, July 29, 2012

365 Movies Day #220 "Thursday"

Back in 1998 before Thomas Jane was Punisher and Aaron Eckhart was Harvey Dent, they did this amazing film together which has somehow slipped under the radar. Jane is very much not a stranger to my blog. I've been a huge fan of his for years and some of his best work are films like this that you need to see. As a matter of fact, Day THREE of the blog was all about "DARK COUNTRY", Jane's Twilight Zone like film that he starred in and directed. Day 23 was "KILLSHOT". Day 54 was "STANDER". This is Eckhart's first time on the blog.
Basically, the film is about Jane's character who has left a dark life behind him only to have it wind up on his doorstep and threaten to destroy his marriage and everything else good he has worked so hard for. The cast is great, featuring Paulina Porizkova in one of the best chick on dude rape scenes ever filmed. Also, James LeGros ("Point Blank"), much beloved Michael Jeter (Sesame Street's Mr. Noodle and veteran of films like "Open Range", "The Green Mile", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Miller's Crossing" who sadly passed in 2003)and Glenn Plummer ("84 MoPic", "Trespass", "THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU ARE DEAD", "Sons of Anarchy", and "CA$H" add a lot to the film. Finally, who can overlook Mickey Rourke? Rourke co-starred with Jane in "KILLSHOT" which makes this his second appearance on the blog and both movies featuring both actors.

If you like gritty crime dramas like I do, then this is a film you NEED to see. Last I checked it was roaming around on netflix instant.

Oh, and if you want to personally help Thomas Jane out in bringing the video game based on his comic book "Bad Planet" to life, check out the following link. $15 donation gets you a copy of the game! How badass is that?!

365 Movies Day #219 "Happy Accidents"

Another break from the chain of horror and action, this is a love story...but not your typical love story. Marisa Tomei (who is smoking hot btw), plays Ruby. She's had a string of bad relationships and is looking for Mr. Right. When she finds him in the form of Vincent D'Onofrio, everything is perfect, except for the fact that he believes he is a time traveler from the future.

Tomei has been in everything. She got her start on "Toxic Avenger" back in 1984, and has since worked on "Four Rooms", "My Cousin Vinnie" and "The Wrestler" among others. D'Onofrio is the original THOR ("Adventures in Babysitting"), not to mention his roles on "Full Metal Jacket", "Men in Black", "Strange Days", "KILL THE IRISHMAN" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". The film also features Holland Taylor (Charlie Sheen's mom on "Two and a Half Men" and Sean Gullette ("Pi", "Requiem for a Dream").

The film was directed by Brad Anderson (Holland Taylor's nephew), who went on to direct "Transsiberian" and several episodes of "Fringe". He is also no stranger to the blog! I've covered two of his films already in the form of "SESSION 9" and who can forget his Christian Bale flick "THE MACHINIST"?


Friday, July 27, 2012

365 Movies Day #218 "The Nines"

Hey kids, we're back and with a bang. This 2007 flick stars Ryan "Deadpool/Hal Jordan" Reynolds as, well...several people. Reynolds is no stranger to the blog. Talked about him way back on day 61 for "BURIED". I really don't want to get too much into the plot because its one of those films that just works better if you are clueless going in so here is the rough synopsis from imdb: "A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways."

The film co-stars several other top-notch folks, each pulling their own weight with several roles. First up is Hope Davis. First time on the blog, but she's very recognizable from stuff like "Charlie Bartlett", "The Matador", "Arlington Road" and "Flatliners". Next is Melissa McCarthy who plays among other roles...herself. Fans of "Gilmore Girls" will recognize her instantly as Sookie. Elle Fanning (sister to Dakota) also co-stars and you should recognize her from "Super 8", "Benjamin Button", "Babel" and an amazing mini-series by the name of "The Lost Room". In smaller but still powerful roles are David Denman ("The Office")and Octavia Spencer.

This film was a feature directorial debut for writer John August who penned "Titan AE", "Charlies Angels", "Big Fish", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "GO", "Corpse Bride" and the upcoming "Frankenweenie". This is his only feature as a director thus far.