Sunday, November 6, 2011

365 Movies Day #196 "Session 9"

One of the fun things about this blog is how it leads me to new films when I journey back through a favorite director's career. Brad Anderson deeply impressed me with "THE MACHINIST" and I have heard so much about "Transsiberian" that I was compelled to watch one of his earliest flicks in the form of "Session 9". Once again, I am glad I made the journey.

"Session 9" is a mind-bending tale (much like "The Machinist") about an independent HAZMAT team and their mission to clean up an old mental institution. Of course, things go horribly wrong as secrets are uncovered, tensions run high, and madness spreads. An especially wonderful performance by Peter Mullan ("Trainspotting"). Also an early spotting for Brendan Sexton III ("The Killing" and another "Black Hawk Down" veteran). Taking a minute to talk about Mullan's partner David Caruso and his film career. Many people recognize him from "NYPD Blue" or his return to TV in his long stint on "CSI: Miami", but did you realize he served about equal time on its 80's predecessor "Hill Street Blues" or did you recognize him from the first Rambo flick? What about from Bruce Willis' notoriously crappy "Hudson Hawk"? Talk about some crazy career points! Also, this is a relatively early film for Josh Lucas ("The Lincoln Lawyer", "A Beautiful Mind", "Glory Road").

One of the great things about Anderson's film is the gradual way he eases you into madness like you were edging into a cold swimming pool. He masterfully controls and creates suspense and tension and uses some interesting choices in shooting and characterization that assist in heightening the creep factor. Definitely a must see!


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