Saturday, November 5, 2011

365 Movies Day #192 "Soul Assassin"

Trailer provided by Video Detective

This one definitely falls into the category of "WHY THE HELL WASN'T THIS FILM MORE TALKED ABOUT?". It's every bit as cool as films like "Equilibrium" and definitely deserves the attention. It's a sci-fi film 'cyber-punkish' jaunt all about the potential evil of corporate greed (99% anyone?). Anyone who ever played the roleplaying game SHADOWRUN should love this flick.

Skeet Ulrich, who got his start in flicks like "The Craft" and "Scream", headlines as our show's hero. He's an up-and-coming exec type working in corporate security, but when he gets his break, he finds himself in WAY over his head in a conspiracy that will shake him and the entire globe to their very core. You may also remember Ulrich from his small, but memorable role in "As Good as it Gets" and his starring roles in two short-lived, but supercool series "Jericho" and "Miracles". Recently, he's been a lead on one of the new "Law and Order" shows.

The rest of the cast is made up of some familiar and talented faces like Kristy Swanson (the ORIGINAL "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ), the amazing Rena Owen ("ONCE WERE WARRIORS" and Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling who had a small role in recently featured "MINDHUNTERS" and committed suicide in 2006.

0 It's just come to my attention that I haven't seen all of director Laurence Malkin's work, which as director only consists of two films. I will have to correct that post haste. If you dig sci-fi cyberpunk like "Blade Runner" and "The Matrix", DEFINITELY check this film out.


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