Saturday, November 5, 2011

365 Movies Day #193 "Lo"

Care to check out a charming, heart-warming tale of love...and DEMONS?! Also want to see a fine example of stretching your film-making dollar, by telling a fun compelling story that has the feel of a stage-play while still making sense and captivating your viewers? You DEFINITELY need to check out "Lo". Director Travis Betx proves himself as a visionary indy filmmaker by thinking totally outside the box to create this flick. A very small cast, driven primarily by three actors, very little in the way of sets and some cool make-up effects and it delivers!

The cast is pretty solid, made up of Ward Roberts, who plays a man so in love that he is willing to tangle with the forces of darkness to rescue the object of his affection. His Juliet is played by Sarah Lassez (who also teamed up with Betz on their recent endeavor "The Dead Inside" and the demon that holds her captive is played by Jeremiah Birkett.

Again, the story is great with some interesting twists and turns. It's a very personal movie and surprising funny and totally wonderful. Thanks to writer pal Sean Poindexter for pointing this one out to me!


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