Wednesday, November 16, 2011

365 Movies Day #197 "Millennium"

I remember seeing this film YEARS ago and being enthralled with it. Over time, I had forgotten nearly everything about it, except that it was good. Luckily, while browsing through netflix instant the other day, I happened to stumble upon it. Upon re-watching it, it's actually even better than I remember.

Kris Kristofferson stars as an airline crash investigator who stumbles into some weird happenings during the course of his job. It seems people from a near apocalyptic future have been coming back in time to steal doomed passengers from crashing planes in order to repopulate their world. Cheryl Ladd is one hot future commando.

What ensues through the film, is not an action-packed romp, but a rather heady look at the paradoxes involved in time travel. Director Michael Anderson, better known for "Logan's Run", really knocks it out of the park with this one. The future he creates is just creepy at some points and even looks like something Clive Barker would have concocted.

Some other talent featured in the film include folks like Robert Joy, who plays a wise-ass version of C-3PO in the form of Sherman. Joy plays Dr. Sid Hammerback on "CSI:NY", Col Stevens in "AvP: Requiem" and one of the mutants in the "Hills Have Eyes" remake. Legendary character actor Maury Chaykin makes an appearance as well. He is known for his work on films like "Dances with Wolves", "BLINDNESS", "WarGames" and a host of television appearances. Chaykin passed away last year.


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