Sunday, November 6, 2011

365 Movies Day #195 "Rubber"

Why is this film on the list? No reason. But seriously, Scott Meeker suggested this to me and I was SO not disappointed watching it. It starts out completely slapping your brain around in what can only be described as a David Lynch comedy. This film is madness and surrealism defined to a point where you expect to hear someone announce "Oh, fishy, fishy, fishy, fish".

The film is about a mass-murdering tire who kills his victims by exploding them with his mind, his quest for love, and the other players attempts to destroy the audience to avoid an endless loop of insanity. Yep, it's an intellectual kick in the ass. The film features the talents of Wings Hauser (father of Cole Hauser from "THE HIT LIST", "Tears of the Sun" and "Pitch Black"), Ethan Cohn ("Gilmore Girls"), a top-notch hilarious performance from Stephen Spinella ("RAVENOUS"), Jack Plotnick ("Reno 911", "Drawn Together") and Roxane Mesquida of "Gossip Girl"...oh, and a brandless tire.

Director/writer Quentin Dupieux has established himself as the master of absurd. Don't try to make sense of it, just sit back and be amazed!!!


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