Thursday, July 21, 2011

365 Movies Day #115 "Ravenous"

A quirky, disturbing film from British director Antonia Bird. Set around the time of the Mexican-American War, "Ravenous" follows a group of ragtag misfit soldiers are faced with a disturbing encounter with a cannibalistic stranger who may be a legendary wendigo.

Our cannibal is wonderfully portrayed by Robert Carlyle, who I will always remember from his role as Begby in the Danny Boyle classic, "Trainspotting". Of course, Carlyle has done so much more than that with flicks like "28 Weeks Later" and "The Full Monty" and TV such as "SGU". The hero of our story is played by Guy Pearce and if you've been paying attention to this blog, you'll know what a fan of his I am. He's been featured on the blog in his leading roles in both "FIRST SNOW" and "THE PROPOSITION" and has done so much other amazing work. I can't wait to see what he does in Ridley Scott's new "Prometheus" which has such an amazing international cast. Check it out HERE.

If you're making a film about kooky nut-jobs there are a few folks you should have in your film that are known for knocking that role out of the park. "Ravenous" has a who's who of whacky character actors like Jeffery Jones ("Howard the Duck" is what I always remember him from), Jeremy Davies (who always plays an off-kilter character, even in "LOST" and quite wonderfully in "The Million Dollar Hotel" and "Rescue Dawn" and the infamously nutty David Arquette. Rounding out a solid cast is one of my favorite character actors, Neal McDonough. I even forgive him for "The Legend of Chun Li". Who couldn't with his roles in "Band of Brothers" and "Minority Report". Also looking forward to what he does with the Marvel flicks as SHIELD agent, Dum Dum Dugan.

If you like horror/suspense with an odd edge, a great cast and an entertaining story, this is the film for you!


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