Monday, July 18, 2011

365 Movies Day #112 "Night Watch"

Timur Bekmambetov should have become a household name in action after directing "Wanted". Granted the film was not much like the nasty, vile Millar comic book, but it was a great story that captured the essence minus the supervillain elements and the stuff that made you maybe want to throw up a bit. It looks like he's getting ready to helm "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", which should be fun. "Night Watch" begins what may be one of the coolest trilogies ever despite what the retards on youtube comment on the trailer. Note to self again, never read youtube comments.

The film is a visual trip with some wonderfully integrated CGI. It's about two sides in an epic struggle, one light and one dark. For thousands of years they have been in a truce after a battle threatened to destroy them all. The Night Watch keeps an eye on the "Dark Others" while the Day Watch keeps the "Light Others" in check. Of course they all have various powers and some of the Dark Others are even vampires.

Our hero, Anton, played by Konstantin Khabenskiy (who also made an appearance in "Wanted") is a Light Other who is struggling with an epic mistake in his past. Without ruining the film, that mistake comes back to haunt him 12 years later and the events of the flick unfold. The story is incredibly creative. The music is great. The characters are fun. The lead is amazing. The effects are wonderful. It made me an instant fan of Bekmambatov. Seriously, some of my favorite films and the final chapter hasn't been released yet.


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