Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 Movies Day #122 "Trinity is Still My Name"

Enzo Barboni, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are at it again in this even funnier sequel to "MY NAME IS TRINITY". Like the original, most of the humor is funny because of the nature of the characters rather than total absurd slapstick, but it's borderline. If you've paid attention to my previous posts you'll know that I find it hilarious when a grown man slaps another man. In one scene in this film, Hill slaps a guy at least 20 times. I nearly died laughing.

From watching Trinity and Bambino eating dinner with their equally crazy parents, to seeing them play the part of reluctantly benevolent outlaws, to watching Trinity thwart all of Bambino's plans to do bad, this film is a joy ride. Like I said, I really think "Three Amigos" and "Blazing Saddles" borrowed from Barboni's concept, though both films were more clearly comedy.

Also, pay attention that in both films, Bambino hits EVERYONE on the top of the head. He's a beast. Also, the bandit's father is played by Harry Carey Jr., a wonderful character actor who worked with John Ford back in the day on "The Searchers" and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" as well as "Gremlins", "Tombstone", "Exorcist III" and "Back to the Future III". He's been working since 1946! Their mother, played by Jessica Dublin, is a veteran of the "Toxic Avenger" franchise.


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