Sunday, July 3, 2011

365 Movies Day #96 "The Rocketeer"

Anyone with any doubts as to Joe Johnston's ability to handle a superhero (and one thwarting Nazis at that) need only harken back 20 years ago (where has the time gone) to this film. "The Rocketeer" has an excellent cast and is a great example of what Captain America could be.

Before Billy Campbell was a prophetic mutant in "4400" or starring in AMC's new hit "The Killing", he was flying racing planes and taking on Nazi actors wearing a jetpack. His love interest is played by the beautiful Jennifer Connelly ("Dark City", "Requiem for a Dream") and his nemesis is wonderfully played by Timothy Dalton (who wasn't really a bad Bond).

Some casting surprises come in the form of Terry O'Quinn as Howard Hughes. Most people know Terry as John Locke from "LOST" though he also had lengthy stints on "Alias", "The West Wing"JAG" and "Millennium". In addition, he made appearances in both "Tombstone" and "Young Guns" as well as starring in "The Stepfather". Alan Arkin is always a joy to watch in films such as "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Grosse Pointe Blank" and is no different here as Campbell's mentor and friend.

Tiny Ron is crazy fun as Dalton's henchman, Lothar. You can also catch him in epic mobster/western "Last Man Standing". Paul Sorvino is great and Ed Lautner, James Handy and William Sanderson round out a great cast of character actors who all made appearance on "X-Files".

Twenty years later, this is still one of the best superhero flicks around. I can't wait to see what Johnston pulls off with "Captain America".


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