Monday, July 25, 2011

365 Movies Day #119 "The Machinist"

I feel a trilogy of Christian Bale flicks coming on. Get ready. We'll start with "The Machinist". This is the ultimate example of discipline as a person and as an actor that makes Bale special. The man lost 80 pounds to play the role and he didn't have it to lose. He's a skeleton in the film as you can see from the trailer. The director got so worried about him that he forced Christian to eat.

The film is about a man (Bale) who is so haunted by his past that he drifts into an extreme case of insomnia. The story is creepy and Bale's decent into madness and internal turmoil is just chilling. Jennifer Jason Leigh (a bit older than when we last talked about her in "MIAMI BLUES" co-stars and how the heck is this Michael Ironside's first mention on the blog? I'll have to fix his absence.

This is a truly great film and Bale just amazes me here. Stay tuned for two more flicks from Mr. Bale in the next couple of days.


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