Friday, November 4, 2011

365 Movies Day #191 "13 Seconds"

For my low, LOW budget horror fans out there, this one is definitely for you! By the way, I'm playing catch up on the blog. By my count, with all the chaos in my life, I believe I have fallen behind by 24 films!!! I deeply apologize to those actually paying attention. This will be rectified shortly. That said, expect multiple posts per day for a bit. Anyway, back to "13 Seconds". It doesn't really star anyone who's done much of anything else and the director hasn't gone on to do anything really. Truthfully, it's not surprising. The acting and production value are bearable at best. Where the film comes in as a recommended view is in it's surprise story angle.

Normally with low budget horror of this caliber, it's just a chance to make fun of horrid effects and subpar filmmaking, BUT with this film, the story is surprisingly well developed. I suppose the lack of other positive qualities makes the twists that much better. You expect a let down and get a kick in the gut instead. Hats off to these guys for making a film with no money and no real production quality that still got my attention that I remember it 9 years later! Huge budget Hollywood flicks don't always stick with me like that.


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