Saturday, December 24, 2011

365 Movies Day #199 "CA$H"

So this is one of those netflix films that loomed on my queue for a long time. Sean Bean, as badass as he is doesn't necessarily equal a great film, but the presence of Chris Hemsworth finally convinced me to give it a chance. What followed was probably the most compelling performance and character arc I have EVER seen Bean do. His chilling portrayal of numbers obsessed Pyke Kubric (as well as his twin brother Reese) may be one of the coolest villains I've ever seen in a film.

The story is fairly simple. A couple criminals ditch a case of cash while running from the cops. The case falls on the hood of a normal, everyday guy's car (Hemsworth) and he and his wife find themselves suddenly blessed with mana from heaven. In the meantime, Bean comes in to track down the money and what follows is a very interesting take on a crime drama full of characterization, references to Stockholm Syndrome and, as I said, a FANTASTIC performance by Bean.

I definitely want to see more from writer/director Stephen Milburn Anderson after seeing this (hasn't done another film since this 2010 flick). Bean has been on the blog before with "EQUILIBRIUM". This is Hemsworth's first time and though I raved about Bean, Chris totally delivers here too, as does Victoria Profeta who plays his wife. This should have been a breakthrough role or her. She deserves more work based on what I saw here. Mike Starr, veteran character actor, is here too and we've talked about him before with "KILL THE IRISHMAN", "BLACK DYNAMITE" and "THE LAST DRAGON".

If you want to see a smart crime film with a great cast, then this is the flick for you!


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