Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 Movies Day #201 "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil"

I've wanted to see this since it came out and guess what just hit Netflix instant. Not exactly what I was expecting, but in that regard so much better! Basically the film is a giant misunderstanding that pits a group of college kids against two friendly hillbillies. What follows is extreme comic violence and accidental deaths of a graphic nature that will keep you in stitches. Yep, funny gore!

Our two hillbilly heroes are played by Tyler Labine ("Invasion", "Reaper") and the amazing Alan Tudyk. Yes I'm a browncoat and Tudyk will always be Wash to me...well that and Tucker. Katrina Bowden of "30 Rock" plays one of the kids who causes all of the confusion when she gets injured in a tragic skinny dipping accident. Horror vet Jesse Moss is also fun to watch.

A truly funny film with great suspension of disbelief and Tudyk and Labine are both charmingly innocent. Very excited to see Eli Craig do more stuff. He's like a Sam Raimi but with more conventional comedy tempering his violence. Classic horror comedy destined to become a cult classic.


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