Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 Movies Day #202 "Videodrome"

Just started getting more exposed to Cronenberg's older work and loving it! His last film I covered on the blog was one of his newest with "EASTERN PROMISES". "Videodrome" may be one of the trippiest films I have ever seen and the effects are golden and hold up though the film was made in 1983! James Woods stars as a partner in a controversial cable network looking to push the envelope on sex and violence. When he discovers a show called "Videodrome" by happenstance that entails torture and other madness, he becomes hooked...and it becomes his undoing on a journey into madness. It's also part of the Criterion collection.

I've been a fan of Woods for years. Some of my favorite films of his are "Cat's Eye", "Vampires" and "Casino". He's definitely one of those actors that brings his own flare to a film. The film also features Debbie Harry who is better known for her extensive music career. She's great here and fans may want to know that she is rather exposed in a few scenes.

Again, this is a trippy encounter with weaponized television, madness, creppy effects work and some truly surreal stuff. Cronenberg delivers on this flick and I was so surprised at how well it holds up. It's one of the few that I recommend a very careful remake of since technology has come so far since then. Might be an adventure to bring it back. Perhaps they could get Woods to take the O'Blivion role in a newer version.


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