Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 Movies Day #203 "Scanners"

So here's some more Cronenberg for you. I started out awhile back talking about "EASTERN PROMISES" and just finished writing about "VIDEODROME" so how could I not cover "Scanners". I recently tracked this film down because a friend said a script I am working on reminded him of the film. Now that I watched it, I can't say that I had ever seen it before, so here is is in the blog! Oh, and it is similar to the script I am working on, but different enough where both can exist carrying on.

"Scanners" is basically about a government sponsored project to weaponize psy. However, one of the top psions or SCANNERS in the world has turned against the program in the form of Darryl Revok portrayed by cult film legend Michael Ironside. I first remember Ironside from the original "V" series. He was truly badass in "EXTREME PREJUDICE", "Total Recall" and "Starship Troopers" and was also featured in the blog for "THE MACHINIST". Ironside is a gifted actor and knocks out a badass performance as Revok. The hero of our story is played by Stephen Lack who hasn't done much else since film-wise. The film also features the lovely Jennifer O'Neill and the late Patrick McGoohan. Though made in 1980, the film does an excellent job of holding up. It still features one of the coolest head explosions ever captured on camera. Some great plot twists and an interesting take on the psychic phenomenon make it even more fun to watch. Classic sci fi and a must see for anyone who calls themself a fan of the genre.


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