Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Movies Day #204 "Bloodline"

Foreign horror is so fun. This Italian flick is no exception. Two reporters on their last leg are sent to cover a behind-the-scenes documentary of an innovative porn flick. As an added kick in the ass, it is being filmed at the same location where the lead reporter's family was brutally murdered years ago by a madman called The Surgeon. This is a guy who knocks you out and harvests your organs from you while you are awake. Of course, when they get there all sorts of bad stuff happens.

I think the coolest thing for me from the flick was the effects work. Some of the freakiest zombies (yes they make an appearance) and several scenes that just left me cringing. A surprise factor (for better or worse) was that there was so little skin. You'de figure in an Italian movie about porn, it would be a flesh fest, but this film is surprisingly R on violence and language, but PG13 on skin. Acting is solid. Beautifully shot. Definitely rings of low-budget horror, but in a fun way and it delivers on creepy factor all the way through. GREAT ENDING! Fun ride.


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