Saturday, January 7, 2012

365 Movies Day #205 "Stoic"

I've found myself defending Uwe Boll lately from people who seem to only know about his horrible video game films. It's sad that these folks haven't taken a look at his works like "DARFUR" and "RAMPAGE". Boll's big talent in film-making is using ultra-violence combined with natural improv-style acting/direction to produce compelling and deeply disturbing stories. "Stoic" is no exception.

The film follows four prison inmates and the entire film (except for inter-cut interviews with the inmates)takes place in a 4 person prison cell. The story basically follows an escalation of force as three of the inmates turn against the other in what has to be some of the most disturbingly filmed de-humanizing violence I have ever seen. Not for the sensitive at heart, but definitely a must see for those with a stomach for such films.

The other thing wonderful about the flick is its low-budget brilliance. Basically 4 actors and one room. Headlining the cast is Edward Furlong who has come along way since "Terminator 2" and "American History X". A great performance here and he also worked with Boll on "DARFUR". Shaun Sipos, who plays the brutalized Mitch in the film is also a Boll veteran from href="">"RAMPAGE". Sam Levinson co-stars and has worked on films like "Bandits" with Bruce Willis and "What Just Happened" with DeNiro. Finally, there is the chilling Steffen Mennekes who has come up working with Boll on "Postal", two "Bloodrayne" films, "RAMPAGE" and "Far Cry". Plus, he has a role in Boll's upcoming "Blubberella".

Been a dream of mine for a bit now to work with Boll. Hope to make that happen soon.


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