Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help Alex!

You won't see very many of these from me on here, but this boy's father is a dear friend of mine and a wonderful filmmaker. If you can spare anything, please send it here!


Alex is a 5 year old little boy. He's one of those children you meet that instantly puts a smile on your face! He has always had the GREATEST personality, he's extremely artistic and incredibly smart, ... in fact he speaks English and French, fluently!

A couple months ago he went to bed and the next morning woke up a completely different child. He had developed uncontrollable Tics, lost the ability to draw and write and his behaviors and emotional state had regressed. Currently he is undergoing aggressive antibiotic and steroid treatments until he can get the treatment he needs.

His condition is due to a bacterial infection (Strep Throat) which somehow triggered his immune system to start attacking his brain. (More specifically, the basal ganglia). This is an autoimmune illness. The best treatment for Alex is a series of IVIG infusions, which will help to reset his immune system and bring him back to the boy we all know and love. Unfortunately insurance does not cover his treatment, they consider it experimental.

So we are pleading for your help! IVIG is a very pricey treatment, and has proven extremely effective, especially in cases like Alex's. Please help us cure Alex! If you can donate anything we would greatly appreciate it. <3 We are hoping to start his treatments in the next 4 - 6 weeks and I will keep you updated as we go along!

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