Thursday, January 19, 2012

365 Movies Day #214 "The Horseman"

I love revenge films. We've covered a lot on the blog, but this one might take the cake. It's the first and only film (so far), by Australian director Steven Kastrissios. It follows a 44-year-old father, who, when learning his daughter was left to die after being drugged and abused during a graphic porn shoot, tracks down the men responsible and ends them in a way that makes "FASTER" look like "Kindergarten Cop". The film has some marvelous things going for it besides a great cast and a gritty feel. For starters, they never lose sight of what drives him and (as a father) they made me feel it throughout the film. It made me want to go hug my daughters...several times. Second, in the many fight scenes, it always looks like the participants are really fighting for their lives. It isn't fake or Hollywoodish (one of the things I love about Will Kaufman's "THE PRODIGY" and "SINNERS AND SAINTS". This film is brutal in a horror fashion, but oddly it leaves quite a bit to the imagination. The gore and violence is present, but nor overpowering. The scenes are disturbing as hell though.

Peter Marshall stars and deserves special mention for the film. This is a guy who hasn't been used to his fullest potential yet and this film shows he needs more amazing work. He's brilliant here and easily can go toe to toe with Bronson and Neeson for the title of vengeance dealer. His raw performance and broken heart drive the film. It's intense and incredibly well done. Hats off to him and Kastrissios.


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