Friday, January 20, 2012

365 Movies Day #215 "Further North"

Here is one you probably haven't heard of, which is sad. Minnesota-based director James Snapko delivers a film, that with a bit more funding and a few names (not that any of the actors fall short on delivery) would have probably been an Oscar nod. The film follows several characters as fate and circumstance brings them together for a dark reckoning. A man whose wife and son were murdered is out for revenge. A man who murdered his own girlfriend is out to hide from his past. A woman treading down a dark road wants justice for her lost friend. A ruthless hitman is on the path to finish a job. A cunning businessman will do whatever it takes to succeed. A sheriff will stop at nothing to protect his town (played by my dear buddy Larry Laverty).

The film is reminiscent of flicks like "No Country for Old Men" in artistic style. It's dark. It really focuses on the characters and their struggles. All of the leads deliver on performance. There are a few spots here and there in the production where you are reminded that it is NOT a huge Hollywood budget, but they are easily ignored for the big picture. This is a wonderful film. Here is hoping that we see more from Snapko and company in the future! Here is a great place to check out films from Collision including shorts and trailers. COLLISION PICTURES ON YOUTUBE.


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