Tuesday, January 10, 2012

365 Movies Day #209 "The Objective"

In 1999, director Daniel Myrick shocked the world with a super-low budget horror flick, "Blair Witch" that went on to be a huge box office hit that spawned countless imitators and put found footage films on the map. Like many, I've been wondering what Myrick has been up to. Without even realizing it was his film, I popped in "The Objective" as the suggestion of a friend and was very impressed.

The film stars a very impressive actor, Jonas Ball, as CIA Operative Benjamin Keynes, who arrives in Afghanistan to lead a team of Special Operations folks to rendevous with a mysterious Muslim village elder. However, it becomes clear that there is much more to the scenario as supernatural events begin to occur and rip the team apart at its seams.

The team has been applauded from a few folks I know who have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Led by real life Army Operator Matthew Anderson who has an impressive list of stunt credits, the team is also composed of Michael Williams (who played MIKE in "The Blair Witch Project"), Sam Hunter, Kenny Taylor, stunt vet Jeff Prewett and former Air Force guy Jon Huertas who you may recognize from "Sabrina: Teenage Witch", "Generation Kill", "Castle", or one of Myrick's other films "Believers".

All in all a creepy flick with spot on portrayal of special operations, solid acting and a great story. Recommended for anyone who likes the paranormal and/or military flicks.


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