Sunday, January 8, 2012

365 Movies Day #206 "Crossworlds"

Here's some cool 1997 sci-fi for you complete with transdimensional fight scenes, Josh Charles looking like Shia LaBeouf all growed up and of course...Rutger Hauer, plus an early cameo appearance from...Jack Black? Josh, who you may know better as the traitorous McCabe in "SWAT" got his start in films like 1988's "Hairspray", "Dead Poet's Society" and "Threesome". He also worked on another favorite of mine, "Four Brothers" and you can currently catch him on the series "The Good Wife". Josh plays the lead character who stumbles into a transdimensional war when he is trying to pick up a chick at a party...with his friend Black.

After striking out, Joe (Charles), heads home to crash, but finds himself awakened by a different lovely lady he saw at the party played by Andrea Roth. Roth presently plays Janet Gavin on the series "Rescue Me". She also made a brief appearance on "LOST". In this film she turns out to be badass alternate dimensional agent Laura. After a bit of asswhoopery when Joe's apartment (roaches need not apply) turns into a dimensional gateway, Laura takes Joe to meet her partner played by Rutger Hauer. Now, Hauer is no stranger to the blog now. He' had two films featured here already and at least one other I'm planning to share very soon, not to mention flicks like "Bladerunner" and "Ladyhawke", Hauer was stellar in "HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN" and "SPLIT SECOND". He's a badass here as well as AT. Together, the three must protect the staff and the jewel which are weapons and tools powerful to them and to the other side, a gang of warlords who have been travelling around conquering worlds. They are lead by the evil Ferris, played by Stuart Wilson ("Enemy of the State", "Lethal Weapon III", "Zorro").

The film is directed by Krishna Rao who you probably know more for his work on "The Unit". I think my favorite part of this film is the end fight scene which winds up bouncing all over the globe as they teleport from place to place. It's well done and I found myself rewinding it a couple of times just to watch it again (a rarity for me). This one definitely deserves a place among classic sci-fi.


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