Sunday, January 8, 2012

365 Movies Day# 207 "Downstream"

Here is a film that has probably definitely crept under your radar lately and it deserves to be on a must watch list! "Downstream" is a low budget post apocalyptic tale that delivers on every front. From the creative telling of how the world fell, to the stellar acting jobs by both leads and supporting this film rocks. What caught my eye the most is the creative editing style that I normally only clue into when I'm watching Tony Scott films. The crew on this one really managed to capture a comic book graphic novel feel without making it feel at all campy. Hats off for a beautifully shot flick.

The film stars Jonathon Trent as the son of a prominent intellectual and inventor who saw the end coming. As Wes Keller, Trent does an excellent job of capturing the child-like innocence and rugged individualism I haven't seen since Costner's "The Postman" and mixes it well with moments of total berserker rage (handled very well by the post-production crew as well). Trent is a fellow "Transformers" vet playing computer hacker extraordinaire Fassbiner in the second film. He also worked on the film "Burlesque" and has had some memorable TV appearances. This guy deserves a TON more work. Keller basically travels around the wasteland in search of Nuclear City or Plutopia. It's a fabled place that is powered by cold fusion where the world continues to thrive. He travels alone except for his dog, Lugosi, who he talks to regularly.

In this reality, women were basically wiped out by a rare cancer or otherwise disappeared. When Wes runs into a lovely woman in need named Sara, played by Elizabeth Roberts, the Black Swan event (something you don't plan for) happens and changes everything. Complications arise with her rescue and their run-n with brilliantly played psychopath Tobias, played by Jonno Roberts. It's a story of human interaction, desperation, dependence and success at all costs. I'm a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and "Downstream" delivers.


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