Tuesday, January 17, 2012

365 Movies Day #213 "Bunraku"

Sheer brilliance. Maybe one of the best films I have seen in awhile. Not since I watched "Faster" at the theater have I been this captivated and surprised by a film. How did this thing fly under my radar? This is the second feature from director Guy Moshe. He's assembled a star-studded cast in a an amazing action adventure display of stylized badassery that just blew me away. The score, the color, the lighting, the characters, the dialogue, the story! Not too often that a film just moves me as a whole. This one did. Can't say enough good things.

Visually, the film is reminiscent of flicks like "Sin City", "Moulin Rouge" and "Kung Fu Hustle" with something else thrown in. A friend had me watch the film "Casshern" awhile back and while I was stunned with the visuals, the plot and characters left me hanging. This is what "Casshern" could have been. Filled with comic-book colors combined with pop-up book style backgrounds (it fits in the story) with startling transitions and a fantastic use of lighting, this whole film is just visual porn.

On a sound note, listen for video game noises during certain points that predict exactly what you're thinking visually. The music score is a mixture of so many cultures and sources (just like the film's content). I'm normally not one to notice score. Maybe I'm growing as a "film guy", but I'd buy the soundtrack for this and that is saying something for me. I don't own a score for anything besides "Star Wars".

Coming to the story, it's your basic vengeance story filled with some of the most badass characters to ever grace such a story. The varying fighting styles, costume choices, dialects and mannerisms greatly enhance each character. To start with, I thought Josh Hartnett captured epic badassery in "Lucky Number Slevin" and "Sin City". He kicked its ass and made it his bitch in this film. Starring as The Drifter, Hartnett is straight up Charles Bronson sporting a bar-brawling style of fighting that makes me want to step in a ring. He is a force of nature in this. Feels like a Sergio Leon character dropped in a kung fu flick. This is his first visit to the blog and what a film to enter with. Next up is Gackt Camui, who plays Hartnett's equally badass compadre who is more on the Japanese samurai side of the house. Although he looks kind of like a chick in this...he kicks major butt.

On the villainous side of the house, in addition to a host of badass martial arts folks, we have Kevin McKidd as one of the most wicked sword wielding villains ever to grace the screen. I felt like they stole this guy straight from my head. "DOG SOLDIERS" is where I first talked about McKidd in the blog. You'll love him here as well! The big head badass in this is wonderfully played by none other than "Hellboy" himself, Ron Perlman. Ron has been here a couple times with "CITY OF LOST CHILDREN" and "DARK COUNTRY". Another great role for him with this film.

In the wings on this one is an interesting supporting cast made up of Demi Moore (still hot...stupid Ashton) and the reason I saw this movie tonight, Woody Harrelson. Just last night I watched "THE MESSENGER" with him and while I was researching it, I noticed he was in another film I kept flipping past in my queue on netflix instant. So, tonight, I decided to sit down and watch it. Harrelson has also been featured here for his lead role in "DEFENDOR".

Oh, and the film is narrated by Mike Patton...yep that's right, front man of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More.


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