Thursday, January 12, 2012

365 Movies Day #210 "Antibodies"

German director Christian Alvart's film "PANDORUM" impressed the hell out of me, but his 2005 film "Antibodies" absolutely blew me away. It is a twisted journey into madness like no other. Perhaps one of the best serial killer films I have ever seen.

Alvart's killer Gabriel Engel, is chillingly portrayed by André Hennicke. Hennicke is also known for films like Alvart's "PANDORUM" (he played the leader of the mutants), "Downfall" and the latest Cronenberg Mortensen partnership in "A Dangerous Method". Hennicke gives a masterful performance here.

At the beginning of the film, Engel is undone when two German police officers stumble onto his sick twisted fun. One of the officers is played by Norman Reedus ("Boondock Saints", "The Walking Dead" and had cameos in films from the blog like "MIMIC" and Alvart's "PANDORUM". In fact, Reedus tends to make a habit of appearing in Alvart's films in small cameo roles.

Wotan Wilke Möhring, who plays the film's hero, Michael Martens, a small town part-time cop who gets pulled into Engel's world in horrific fashion can also be seen in "PANDORUM" as well as Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie". Möhring delivers in a tough role as a good man pushed to his limits and beyond.

A truly great film with an ending that will kick you square in the teeth.


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