Monday, August 22, 2011

365 Movies Day #147 "Mimic"

This is a fun one from the 90s. Thinking about yesterday's "STAKE LAND" and the expendable nature of children in that film, I was reminded of how "Mimic" did the same thing. That scene has always stuck with me and the movie was pretty solid all around.

What you may not realize is that this was an early directorial effort of Guillermo del Toro who gave us "Hellboy", "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Blade II". The trailer will tell you all about Mira Sorvino ("Replacement Killers"), Jeremy Northam ("The Tudors"), Giancarlo Giannini ("Quantum of Solace", "Casino Royale"), Charles S. Dutton ("Roc"), F. Murray Abraham ("Scarface") and even Josh Brolin (wonderful in "No Country for Old Men"). What it won't tell you is that this is the FIRST film for Norman Reedus ("Walking Dead", "Boondock Saints", "PANDORUM") and Doug Jones first work with Del Toro. Doug Jones is famous for his physicality in film and you've SEEN him in "Legion" (the ice cream man), "Hellboy" (Abe Sapien), "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Fantastic Four" (The Silver Surfer"). Heck, he was even Pencil Head in "Mystery Men".

The plot is classic horror, but done in a very smart and entertaining way. Cockroaches were carrying a very potent strain of disease that was killing children everywhere. Scientists create a new bug that will destroy the cockroaches. It's a huge success. But now, years later, the bugs have grown to mimic their new predator and fight back. They have waged war on humanity. Our only hope are the scientists who unleashed them in the first place.

Great monsters. Great cast. Lot's of fun moments and a few good scares. Definitely one to go back and watch again or see for the first time, especially if you dig horror...and Norman Reedus.


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