Thursday, August 25, 2011

365 Movies Day #150 "Troll Hunter"

I've been waiting for this one to hit netflix for a long time. Finally got my DVD in today and was NOT disappointed. Basically this is a Norwegian cross between "MONSTERS" and "Blair Witch".

In the film some young documentary filmmakers are following who they believe to be a poacher for a class project. What they find, instead, is that the "poacher" is actually a Troll Hunter. The film is them following him on his adventures until a climactic abrupt and rather open ending that satisfies.

I really dug the CGI inserted into the found footage style (I suppose reminiscent of a "Cloverfield" as well). With so many films like this since "Blair Witch" it's kind of fun to kick back and get to enjoy one. I dug it and hopefully you will too.


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