Monday, August 1, 2011

365 Movies Day #126 "The Warrior's Way"

Another Asian Western...if you can call it Asian. Korean director and newcomer Sngmoo Lee directs an international cast including top notch actors like Brit Geoffery Rush ("The King's Speech", "Pirates of the Carribean") and the worldly Danny Huston (previously mentioned "THE PROPOSITION", "Wolverine: Origins") and the lovely American Kate Bosworth. It's also the first English language film for the film's star and Korean actor Dong-gun Jang.

Strangely reminiscent of Tim Burton's "Big Fish", this film boasts the effects talents of the folks responsible for "Lord of the Rings". It's about a top assassin (Jang)in Korea who leaves his clan behind to rescue a small baby. Coming to America to get as far from his new enemies as possible, he ends up hiding out in a town full of circus performers. It's there he meets Rush (a drunk with a past) and Bosworth(a knife thrower without much knack for it). Things go well until Huston shows up as the leader of a band of nasty outlaws with wonderfully stylized outfits. Huston is so nasty in this and goes out with one of the best last lines of any villain in any movie ever! He exudes nasty in this film and a different kind than the menacing psychopath he played in "The Proposition". It's not long before the rogue warrior's clan shows up culminating in an epic battle of ninja versus cowboy versus circus performer. Yep, that's the deal.

The movie doesn't take itself incredibly seriously and neither should you. It's fun, funny, quirky, sweet, badass and visually stunning. The costuming and grandious visuals and shots are definitely worth the watch alone. The Asian western is definitely a wonderful new genre and Lee has left his mark.


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