Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Movies Day #153 "Snow White: A Tale of Terror"

This is a VERY surprisingly good film. A semi-horror film retelling of the classic fable and a made for TV movie really made me think I was in for a stinker. However, Sigourney Weaver ("Aliens" fame) as the wicked stepmother and Sam Neill (yesterday's "EVENT HORIZON" and "IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS") as Snow White's father made me a bit hopeful. It's actually quite good.

Turns out this bears a much closer resemblance to the original Grimm fairy tale, as many were very dark. It's not really scary in a horror sense of the world, but the story is much more adult. Monica Keena ("Dawson's Creek", "Entourage", "The Devil's Advocate") stars as Lily Hoffman (Snow White) with "LOVE AND A .45"'s Gill Bellows, David Conrad (of cult low budget vamp flick "Darkness"), Chris Bauer ("True Blood", "The Devil's Advocate") and Andrew Tiernan ("300") rounding out a great supporting cast.

Some notes. There are no dwarves in this. They are miners, but they aren't dwarves. Weaver is nasty in this and so good she was nominated for several awards based on this performance. The film was actually nominated for several emmies. So, if the recent incarnation of "Snow White" leaves you wanting, DEFINITELY check this one out. It rocks.


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