Tuesday, August 2, 2011

365 Movies Day #127 "The Promethean"

The Promethean from Kohl Glass on Vimeo.

Another nod to filmmaker Kohl Glass for his first short film, "The Promethean". We talked about another of Kohl's fantastic shorts awhile back in the form of "DER OSTWIND".

The short is a stunningly clever take on the ancient Greek legend of Prometheus. In the legend, the titan gave the gift of fire to mankind. Zeus was so angry that he punished Prometheus with the same painful death every day (in this case, having his liver torn out and eaten by a giant Eagle...though he is eventually rescued by Hercules). I'll let you watch the film to see Kohl's take.

The film features a few noteworthy actors like Chris Kendrick, who played Sergeant Meldrum in the previously mentioned "SAINTS AND SOLDIERS". Also Patrick Rosier, who plays Kratos in this film, was the American pilot in Kohl's follow-up short "Der Ostwind".

Hop over and check out the flick and tell me what you think!


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