Friday, August 19, 2011

365 Movies Day #144 "The Horseman on the Roof"

My wife was fussing at me yesterday because I don't have enough romantic movies in my blog, even though I do watch and enjoy them. Sure there are a few, but as you can tell, I like dark, gritty films and a certain breed of comedy the best. So, as for more romance, enter "The Horseman on the Roof".

Now my wife isn't one to be starstruck or really even care about which actor is in what movie, but Olivier Martinez sure caught her eye. American audiences may recognize him as the villainous captive drug king in SWAT or Jolie's French Canadian counterpart in "Taking Lives". Audiences will certainly remember him as steamy love interest of Diane Lane in "Unfaithful". "Horseman on the Roof" is the film that really got Martinez noticed.

The year is 1832. Angelo (Martinez), an officer in the Italian army is on the run from Austrian police in Cholera infected France. It is there he meets Pauline, played by the incredibly talented French actress Juliette Binoche (star of the Three Colors films, "The English Patient", "Dan in Real Life"). The two fall in love, but under extraordinary circumstances that help to complicate the film's plot in a unique and intriguing way.

The film also features the talents of Paul Freeman(Beloq of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and also from previously mentioned "CENTURION" and crime comedy "Hot Fuzz")and GĂ©rard Depardieu ("MESRINE" and many others). The film is a wonderful love story, but also has some great action and swordplay as well as slapstick humor and lighthearted fun mixed in with serious drama and dark times. An excellent, well-rounded film.


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