Saturday, August 27, 2011

365 Movies Day #152 "Event Horizon"

So this film is proof that Paul W.S. Anderson actually knows how to make a good film. It's just that he chooses not to for whatever reason. Much like Uwe Boll, Anderson has made a living doing crappy video game movies. "Event Horizon" is something else entirely.

Basically, it's a sci fi horror film about a salvage/rescue crew embarking into deep space in 2047 to recover a lost ship. The ship in question was powered by a drive that allowed it to leap through a worm hole, basically folding space and time in half. However, something really nasty in that worm hole is lurking in the darkness and wants to destroy everything it touches.

The film is creepy as hell, with excellent effects and a truly chilling performance from Sam Neill ("IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS" as the scientist who designed the evil ship. The crew that accompanies him is a great cast led by Laurence Fishburne ("The Matrix"), Kathleen Quinlan ("The Hills Have Eyes" remake), Joely Richardson (who later worked with Neill on "The Tudors"), Richard T. Jones ("Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Phone Booth"), Jack Noseworthy ("U571") and Jason Isaacs ("Black Hawk Down"). A very special nod to the rescue ship's pilot played by Sean Pertwee. I love Pertwee and this is one of the first things I ever saw him in (though I remember him more from "DOG SOLDIERS"). Pertwee has also been featured on the blog in "DOOMSDAY" and "EQUILIBRIUM".

If you are looking for creepy sci-fi horror with some Clive Barker like twists, look no further than Anderson's "Event Horizon".


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