Thursday, April 7, 2011

365 Movies Day #9 "JCVD"

Yes, it's Jean-Claude Van Damme...acting. And yes, he's playing himself...and NO he isn't a badass in the film? Oh, and it's subtitled. What? I mean that alone should have you clambering to see the movie. Also, you can get it in a 4 pack at Walmart for $5-$10 right now.

Somewhat true to life, JCVD is a washed up action star who wants to do higher quality work. He's been through a drug addiction and a bad divorce that has left him in an intense custody battle for his daughter. While in Brussels visiting family, he wanders into a bank/post office to wire money to his attorneys and is caught in the middle of a bank heist. There is an amazing monologue he takes to the camera (though with a weird through the ceiling shot) where Van Damme is quite vulnerable. He also demonstrates some acting chops in a film where he barely kicks anybody.

The ending is also a surprise. I won't spoil it for you. This is definitely one that flew under the radar that I consider a must see.


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