Thursday, April 14, 2011

365 Movies Day #16 "Prey Alone"

Checking out the new Mortal Kombat series made me think back to the first internet film I saw that pushed barriers for me. In 2004, a couple of Irish cats got together to make what looks like a multi-million dollar short film, for barely anything at all. From their website:

"It uses the latest up to date digital film techniques but didn't cost a fortune to make. It is in fact the first digital home movie. None of the backgrounds even exist - they were all created in computers. 9 home computers that the directors hooked up together and arranged to operate like a high end digital TV post production system. It's a home movie!"

Check out more info on how the film was made AND WATCH THE MOVIE (15 minutes well spent) at the SAINT AND MATHER HOMEPAGE The page has some cool details about the making of etc. for all you digital commandos out there.


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