Thursday, April 28, 2011

365 Movies Day #30 "Audition"

The other night, I stayed up late to watch "Ichi the Killer" at the suggestion of some friends. I enjoyed Miike's "Sukiyaki Western Django" and was hopeful. Not my cup of tea though. I just didn't enjoy the flick. It was too far out there. It was watchable though (I turned off "Tokyo Gore Police" after 3 minutes). I don't knock those who like either film. Just not my style.

The point of all this is that I decided to give Miike another chance tonight and watched "Audition". Eihi Shiina is going to be at Texas Frightmare Weekend this weekend, so I had another reason to give it a shot (especially since she stars in "Tokyo Gore Police").

I was floored. I won't ruin it for you (any more than the trailer does) by telling you much about it, but it shifts gears in a way that will knock you through a wall. It gets graphic. It's incredibly moving and disturbing. It impressed me. Very much looking forward to more Takashi Miike and telling Eihi what a fabulous film "Audition" is!


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