Wednesday, April 6, 2011

365 Movies Day #2 "Bone Dry"

The best way to do indy film is to use very few actors in very few locations and tell a compelling story. "Bone Dry" does this with two very cool actors in the form of Luke Goss and the epic Lance Henriksen. The trailer gives too much away, but Luke Goss plays a man who finds himself suddenly stranded in the desert at the mercy of a psychopath in the form of Henriksen.

Not only is the story slick, but the scenery is beautiful and really makes me miss New Mexico. I'm also fortunate in that I got to hang out with writer Jeff O'Brien on a trip to Vancouver recently and I've got to chat a little with the director, Brett Hart, on the web. Took more than a few talented cats to pull off this film and I'm proud to know these two.

Take some time out and pick up a copy. You'll dig it. One of Henriksen's best roles.


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