Friday, June 3, 2011

365 Movies Day #66 "Adam's Apples"

A wonderful Danish film directed by Anders Thomas Jensen (who wrote the 2004/2009 Danish/American film "Brothers") and starring Mads Mikkelson who we talked about earlier in his lead role on the film "VALHALLA RISING". "Adam's Apples" is the story of a neo-nazi, played by Ulrich Thomsen (also featured in yesterday's film "CENTURION") who is discharged into the care of a clergyman played by Mikkelsen. The problem is that Mikkelsen's character is a terminal optimist...literally. Suffering from a rare condition, he blocks out all things negative from his reality.

Also under his care are two fun characters who are wonderful participants in this dark comedy about the breaking of one man and the salvation of another. One of the few movies where a cat gets shot and I found it funny. Who knew that a film about baking an apple pie could be so dark, so funny and so wonderful?

Also interesting is that Ulrich Thomas and Centurion co-star Olga Kurylenko were both in "Hitman" with "THE HORDE" star Eriq Ebouaney.


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