Saturday, June 11, 2011

365 movies Day #74 "Hunter Prey"

As promised, the second part of a two-part blog. "Hunter Prey" was directed by Sandy Collora, who gave us yesterday's "Batman: Dead End". This is an example of a director who used fan films to launch himself into a feature film directors gig. It's also an example of using what you have to create a movie that looks more expensive than it really was. In this case, Collora has a solid background in effects as a concept artist and creature designer. He started working with Stan Winston's crew when he was 17.

Another fantastic thing about this film is it takes the sci fi genre with space travel and cool battle armor, weapons, aliens and does it in a way that is low budget but not Roger Corman. You don't have to make a bad film because you don't have money or big names.

The secret here is an alien looking terrain scape (desert), a hand full of actors and make a cool film. You also improvise and adapt, using what you have and your skill set to add production value on the cheap. I mean, the cool looking rifles are modified NERF guns for goodness sakes.

The story is basic with a group of soldiers transporting a dangerous prisoner who escapes in a crash landing on a desolate planet. Things are definitely not what they appear. It's a cool flick and I love seeing people make themselves. That's what Collora did. Fans of "World's Finest" and "Batman: Dead End" will recognize Clark Bartram (Batman) in the film as Orin Jericho. Damion Poitier, better known as Duprez on the hit series "True Blood" also makes an appearance.

If you like low budget sci-fi done right or if you want to see the right way to make the leap into directing bigger stuff, check out "Hunter Prey".

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