Tuesday, June 28, 2011

365 Movies Day #91 "One False Move"

Bill Paxton is my hero. I love his characters, his delivery, his style and if my acting career can be as cool as his, I will have considered myself a great success. From Aliens, to Predator 2, to Brain Dead, to Terminator and Navy SEALS, he is my favorite actor hands down. This is one of his finest films.

Starring as a small town Arkansas cop who has a chance to partner with LA police to take down some real badguys in the form of Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Beach (you might remember him from Sons of Anarchy as Cross or Stargate Atlantis as Colonel Ellis). Things are going fine until a dark piece of Paxton's past is discovered with the thugs attractive female compatriot played by Cynda Williams.

Paxton is wonderful and we already talke about him a bit in "FRAILTY". Also a Fort Worth native!\

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