Friday, September 16, 2011

365 Movies Day #172 "Othello"

In honor of watching Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" last night for the first time and being completely blown away, I'm going to spend three days on some of his films. I mean, I'm not a big Thor fan in the first place, but Branagh not only made the character interesting, but it may be the best comic book movie I have seen since "Batman Begins".

Now Branagh is most famous for his Shakespearean adaptations, so in an effort to praise the man and add some culture to the blog after a string of Takashi Miike films, I give you his version of "Othello".

The film stars Laurence Fishburne ("EVENT HORIZON") in the title role and Branagh himself as the infamous Iago. For those unfamiliar with the story, HERE is a great place to catch up...and you really need to get out more.

The acting is spot on with Branagh delivering a marvelous performance as well as doing a phenomenal directing job. All of his Shakespearean films are just brilliant and this one in particular is one of my favorites.


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