Tuesday, September 6, 2011

365 Movies Day #162 "Dead or Alive"

After seeing this film, I am convinced that Takashi Miike is a total madman, but luckily, like Charlie Sheen, his madness is at least entertaining for the rest of us. Filled with depravity, but telling a story that is much like a deranged Japanese version of "Heat" (up until the the total kick in the teeth ending), this is a classic example of Miike at his best.

I've featured a couple of Miike's other films here, like lovely drama turned nightmare horror "AUDITION" and wacky Asian western featuring Quentin Tarantino"SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO". While I didn't care for "Ichi the Killer" much, this film pushes the same borders but with a more compelling storyline. Again, the end is a total sucker punch and a sure sign that Miike is nuts.

If you like Miike, asian action or just really off-the-wall films where you might witness a chick being humped by a dog, a guy murdered while sodomizing another guy, or other "did he really just do that" moments, then this is the film for you!

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