Saturday, September 10, 2011

365 Movies Day #166 "Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane"

Before he was making badass movies like "Narc" and "The A-Team", Joe Carnahan was just a guy with a dream, no money and a plan. When his no-budget crime flick "Blood, Guts Bullets and Octane" got picked up by Sundance it launched a career many would be envious of. And (inspired by Robert Rodriguez)he did it for only $7000.

The story is interesting. Two down on their luck car salesmen played by Carnahan and Dan Leis (who was also in Carnahan's "Narc") are offered the deal of a lifetime...take loads of cash for just allowing a car to sit on their lot for awhile. Sounds simple? Well, every hitman and bad apple from all over is out to get that car.

What happens is a lot of fast-paced, high-intensity dialogue including a great Johnny Cash discussion, innovative action sequences (for the budget) and a story that twists and turns more than expected. Carnahan makes fun flicks and it's not surprising that his first feature delivers.

Very cool and highly recommended for anyone looking to make a low budget film!


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