Tuesday, September 13, 2011

365 Movies Day #169 "Lars and the Real Girl"

A truly sweet tale about a young man's love...for a sex doll. Yep, that's right, Craig Gillespie, who recently gave us the new "Fright Night" remake made a touching film about a sex doll. And who says we don't get original stuff anymore!?

Ryan Gosling stars as Lars. Now Gosling has done some amazing stuff. From "Half Nelson" to the upcoming Nicolas Winding Refn ("PUSHER", "PUSHER 2", "PUSHER 3", "VALHALLA RISING" and "BRONSON") film "Drive" he's proved himself a hell of an actor. This film is another fine example of his work.

There is nothing creepy about Lars. He's a likable guy. You want to reach out to him. Help him crack his shell. You feel his pain and his fears. I was so surprised by how wonderful it was. The supporting cast is great as well. I loved Paul Schneider in "The Assassination of Jesse James" and in this film, he plays Lars' older brother who, along with his wife (played by Emily Mortimer of "Shutter Island" and "Transsiberian") look after him. Patricia Clarkson of "THE STATION AGENT" also makes an appearance as does Joshua Peace of "DEVIL".

Definitely a great film! Check it out.


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